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“Deepstream was the realtime platform that we were looking for.
It only took a couple of days to accomplish what we spent thousands of dollars and countless developer hours doing. ”

In the world of geo tracking, providing customers with realtime data on where their car, package or even container is, remains to be the one of the most critical business components.

Unidev, a GPS solutions provider, was working on a platform to feed data from thousands of different sensors to web and mobile apps- in realtime.

“We knew that we needed to have a full realtime data platform. But, without the resources required to accomplish such a massive undertaking, we needed to look for other solutions.”

The Core Issue:

With customers demanding a realtime application to track where their vehicles were, the Unidev team knew they had to develop an in-house platform to replace their current solution. They needed a blazing fast realtime tracking system that was able to scale with them as they grew.

After months of development time wrestling between countless different frameworks and platforms, Unidev realised that crafting their own realtime platform simply didn’t make sense. Not only did the extended development time lose them valuable customers, but the marriage of so many frameworks, platforms and systems starting becoming a maintenance nightmare.

“Implementing pub sub is just as small part of what we are doing” said CEO Slah Lactar

“Once we found deepstream, we moved our entire codebase to it.”


Upon discovering deepstream, Unidev began moving all operations to deepstreamHub’s on premise enterprise offering. “Deepstream allowed us to publish a production ready realtime platform for our customers in under a week.” Says Slah. “It only took us several days to accomplish what we’ve spent months trying to do.”With their realtime data platform published,  Unidev’s team was able to focus on what truly mattered to them- building an amazing GPS tracking solution for their customers.

Along with a quicker time to market at a fraction of the development cost, Unidev immediately found that upon the release of their new realtime data platform, customer satisfaction and sales numbers exploded. “Our customers loved our new realtime app. We not only saw a massive increase in customer satisfaction, but our sales almost doubled overnight.”

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