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About deepstreamHub

deepstreamHub is a cloud-platform that enables developers to build a new generation of realtime apps – applications that synchronize data within milliseconds of it becoming available.

Catering for use cases from news websites, messaging and collaboration apps to financial trading, multiplayer gaming and the industrial IoT, deepstreamHub offers a realtime datastore that synchronizes updates between browsers, mobile apps and backend processes faster than the user’s screen can refresh.

Supported by features like publish-subscribe messaging, request-response workflows or live searches with streaming result-sets it allows to create unique and interactive user-experiences across devices.

Founded in March 2016, Berlin-based deepstreamHub is the brainchild of Wolfram Hempel and Yasser Fadl – two investment banking technologists on a mission to expose the secretive technology that powers the world’s trading floors and offering it to developers of all backgrounds and skill sets.

deepstreamHub attracted seed funding from deep-tech venture firm BlueYard capital in 2016 as well as research funding by the European Union.

To learn more, please visit https://deepstreamhub.com/