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deepstreamHub is a cloud-platform that combines all the features you need to build stunning realtime apps - accessible through a single SDK

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Realtime Datastore

At the heart of deepstreamHub lies a powerful data-sync engine: schemaless JSON documents called “records” can be manipulated and observed by backend-processes or clients. Changes are persisted and synced across all connected devices in milliseconds.

Records are granular objects with individual lifecycles that can be organized in collections and arranged into complex, relational data-structures.

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Live Queries

Live queries let you execute searches against dynamic realtime collections. The result-set stays open and new matches will be streamed to the client as entries match and unmatch the search criteria.

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Publish Subscribe

deepstreamHub’s “events” provide an efficient way for many-to-many communication. Clients and backend processes can subscribe to topics and publish ephemeral messages carrying various types of data.

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Request Response

RPCs (Remote Procedure Calls) allow you to combine classic request-response workflows with deepstreamHub’s realtime concepts. Processes can register as providers and clients can issue requests to them. The platform will smartly route and handle load balancing, fail over and data-transport.

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Strong Security

deepstreamHub comes with built-in integration with open authentication providers such as Google, Github or Twitter, configurable HTTP Webhooks, RESTful user management and a powerful realtime permission language called Valve that gives you granular control over users, actions and data.

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