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Frequently Asked Questions


What is deepstreamHub?

deepstreamHub is a platform-as-a-service offering that can be used as a full backend for web and mobile apps, desktop programs and IoT use cases. It combines a unique realtime data-store with publish-subscribe and request-response mechanisms. Browsers, Smartphones, IoT devices and backend services can connect to it using client SDKs that are available in a range of different programming languages.

What is realtime?

What we mean by “realtime” is that data is sent to all interested subscribers as soon as it becomes available (on avg. within less than 16.6ms or one screen refresh at 60Hz) and without having to ask for it (as opposed to request/response).

What is data-sync?

Our realtime datastore utilizes a concept called data-sync. Stateful JSON documents (called ‘records’ in deepstreamHub) can be manipulated and observed by all connected clients and backend processes. Any change is immediately persisted and synchronized between subscribers. Data-conflicts and versioning is implicitly handled by our platform or can be explicitly resolved by clients.

This replaces the common “save change to database - sent event - receive event - request data - update UI” pattern frequently used with pub-sub-only services.

What is publish subscribe?

Publish Subscribe is a pattern for stateless many-to-many messaging. Clients subscribe to an event (also called channel, namespace or topic) and others publish messages to said event.

What is request response?

Request Response, also referred to as Remote Procedure Call (RPC) or Remote Method Invocation (RMI) is a pattern in which a client sends a single question or request to a given endpoint or resource and receives a single answer.


What happens when a connection drops?

The client SDK will queue outgoing messages and resend them as soon as the connection is restored.

What happens when two clients write to the same record at the exact same time?

All writes to a record are versioned - if a conflict occurs a merge routine is triggered. Please find out more about how data-conflicts are handled here.


Where are you based?

We’re working from a sunlit office in Berlin Kreuzberg in Germany.

How many people are working on this?

The company is quickly growing - at the time of writing (14.2.2017) we’re a team of twelve.

What’s your support like?

Amazing! We know that nothing’s more important than stability and the confidence that there will always be someone available to solve your issue.

Any other questions?
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