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deepstream monitoring

documentation and integration guides for the monitoring plugin & server

What is it?

dsx-monitoring is a monitoring solution for deepstream.io server clusters. It enables administrators to gain detailed insights into cluster health, user behaviour, system stats, errors and resource consumption as well as allows to drill down all the way to subscribed records, events and connected users.

How does it work?

dsx-monitoring consists of a plugin for the deepstream server that exposes metrics via the cluster’s message bus and an aggregation server that requests, collects, aggregates and exposes these metrics via an HTTP API in a variety of formats (JSON, Prometheus/OpenTSDB etc.).

What can it be used with?

dsx-monitoring can be integrated with popular enterprise monitoring systems and timeseries databases such as ElasticSearch or InfluxDB and dashboards such as Grafana or Kibana. Its generic HTTP API makes it also easy to integrate with proprietary systems.


Which metrics does it provide?

  • available nodes within the cluster (total)
  • cpu consumption per user (per node)
  • cpu consumption system wide (per node)
  • available memory (per node)
  • used memory (per node)
  • incoming messages (per node & total)
  • outgoing messages (per node & total)
  • successful logins (per node & total)
  • failed logins (per node & total)
  • current connection count (per node & total)
  • failed permissions (per node & total)
  • technical errors (per node & total)
  • functional errors (per node & total)
  • connected users (per node)
  • subscribed records (per node)
  • subscribed events (per node)
  • provided rpcs (per node)
  • last health check time (per node)

Getting it

dsx-monitoring is an enterprise plugin for the deepstream.io server. Please get in touch for a trial

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