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dsh enterprise

low latency and active data providers for better trading apps persistent data and high concurrency for better geolocation persistence and conflict resolution for better collaboration apps simple interfaces and web & mobile SDKs for better messaging apps high throughput and concurrency for better IoT and controlling

efficient desktop elegant tablet futuristic robot arm smart tablet colaborative desktop

next level speed & scale

dsh enterprise scales horizontally up to millions of users and billions of messages, processing updates in down to ~1ms under load

open and transparent

always maintain full ownership of your data and benefit from our open core and active community

connects everything

from social messaging, collaborative document editing and realtime geolocation to split second financial trading and IoT data distribution

all you need

deepstreamHub seamlessly combines the realtime concepts you'll need to build and expand your ideas

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    private cloud

    A bespoke stand-alone deployment for enterprises, tailored to your requirements.

    1. database query access
    2. on-premise data replication
    3. your region of choice
    4. integrated monitoring
    5. health-check integration
    6. dedicated support
    7. direct data firehose
    8. ...+ other features upon request
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dsh on-premise

customizable deployment options that let you run, scale and monitor deepstreamHub clusters on site without data ever leaving your building

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powerful on-premise or cloud based monitoring for your deepstreamHub enterprise or cluster

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Escape Vendor Lock-In

We've created →, a scalable and lightning fast open source realtime server. With numerous large scale enterprise users, an active community and a rich ecosystem of connectors and integrations it’s always there for you if you prefer to do things on your own.


one easy API for the toughest usecases

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