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This class presents an API for deepstream.io's presence functionality.

Member functions may only be invoked via the singleton member Deepstream::presence.

Member Typedef Documentation


typedef std::function<void(const std::string &name, bool online)> deepstream::Deepstream::PresenceWrapper::SubscribeFn

argument type description
name std::string The name of the user
online bool Whether the user logged in or out

A function that will be invoked with user data upon successful login.


typedef std::vector<std::string> deepstream::Deepstream::PresenceWrapper::UserList


typedef std::function<void(const UserList&)> deepstream::Deepstream::PresenceWrapper::QueryFn

Member Function Documentation


SubscriptionId deepstream::Deepstream::PresenceWrapper::subscribe (SubscribeFn callback)

argument type description
callback SubscribeFn A function that accepts a username and a bool (called repeatedly)

Subscribe to presence events.

Whenever a client successfully authenticates with a username or logs out, callback will be invoked with the username of the client and a bool 'online'. 'online' indicates whether the event is a login(true) or logout(false).

If you have multiple presence subscribers and wish to unsubscribe them individually, hold a reference to the returned SubscriptionId.


void deepstream::Deepstream::PresenceWrapper::unsubscribe ( SubscriptionId id)

argument type description
id SubscriptionId The subscription id.

Unsubscribe from a specific presence subscription.


void deepstream::Deepstream::PresenceWrapper::unsubscribe ()

Unsubscribe from all presence subscriptions.


void deepstream::Deepstream::PresenceWrapper::get_all (QueryFn   callback)

argument type description
callback QueryFn A function that accepts a list of usernames (called once).

Query for all currently connected clients.