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    deepstreamHub enterprise

  • what is it?
    An opensource realtime server, installed via linux package managers, docker, or as mac or windows executable.
    A fully managed platform-as-a-service that provides hosted deepstream and additional features at a global scale.
    A scalable, self-managing, high performance cluster with multiple protocols and enterprise integrations.
  • who is it for?
    developers, tinkerers and start-ups with smaller production apps
    companies and individuals building production ready deepstream apps
    enterprises with demanding scalability, security and integration requirements
  • what makes it special?
    Its speed, popularity (Github ) and amazing community
    It handles the hard part and lets you concentrate on your app’s differentiators
    Massive scale, multi-Protocol and self-improving AI-based cluster management
  • how can I try it?
    Download it from the open source page
    Sign up to the forever free tier.
    Get in touch to schedule a demo
  • pricing
    20 - 160€/month
    get in touch
  • support
    on demand
  • deployment
  • on-premise/self-hosted
  • cloud based / PaaS
  • core features
  • realtime data store
  • publish subscribe
  • request response
  • online status
  • active data providers
  • protocols
  • deepstream
  • http
  • mqtt
  • graphql
  • stomp
  • binary
  • scalability
  • clusterable
  • max concurrent connections
    ca 10.000
    depends on plan
  • max messages per second
    ca 200.000
    depends on plan
  • max throughput per second
    ca 4 MB
    depends on plan
  • authentication
  • file auth
  • token auth
  • http webhook auth
  • oauth (google, twitter etc)
  • LDAP
  • Kerberos
  • SSO integration
  • integrated usermanagement
  • permissions
  • functional permissions
  • Valve permission language
  • external permission hook
  • other features
  • monitoring integration
  • ai cluster-management
  • adaptors
  • kafka
  • amqp
  • fix/fast