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Sales Engineer

We’re looking for a technical minded and solution oriented sales engineer to manage our growing enterprise sales pipeline

The role

  • Developing new business opportunities through sales to new customers and expanding options to existing accounts
  • Establishing, building, and maintaining relationships at all decision levels; identifying prospect needs at each of those levels and when appropriate
  • Researching and analysing the client’s goals and requirements
  • Designing a holistic solution to suit the client’s needs and help them reach their goals
  • Creating & implementing a sales strategy and effectively managing the sales cycle to include: lead generation, prospecting, qualifying, business development and closing sales within the corporate and enterprise space
  • Building, managing, and keeping management apprised on the sales pipeline
  • Focus on client success and conducting business in a profitable and ethical manner

Why we should work together

  • The chance to join a small, friendly and highly experienced team
  • We offer high commission on recurring revenue
  • Located in the heart of Berlin Kreuzberg
  • Relaxed startup environment with lots of freedom and flexibility
  • One of Berlin's most groundbreaking tech projects
  • Lots of industry coverage and inbound traction
  • Based on an open-sourced core with an active community, lowering third party risk and the barrier of entry
  • The usual tidbits of breakfast, beer, fruit and all sorts of other nibbles
  • Cuddles with a super fluffy white puppy

Skills you'll need

  • Fluency in English (spoken & written)
  • Prior experience selling enterprise deals to executive-level positions
  • Solid technical understanding of backend systems, architecture, security and deployment models
  • Excellent communication, persuasion, and negotiation skills
  • Team player with a demonstrable ability to build and maintain both internal and external relationships
  • Ability to travel
  • The ability to thrive in an autonomous and flexible working environment

Skills that would be good to have

  • Domain experience in Finance, IoT, enterprise software or development
  • Frontend development knowledge and the ability to create demos and PoCs
  • Additional spoken languages and knowledge of sales cycles in other countries

If you'd like to learn more about us, our interview process or how to apply, have a look at the career FAQ

apply now at careers@deepstreamhub.com