Meet Christian Nwamba - a JavaScript preacher; building the web with the JS community

Nigeria based, Christian has been an engineer and software evangelist for over six years, he’s been speaking and writing about the web - creating insight by curiously and carefully observing its evolution. At deepstreamHub, he writes technical content and builds short demos intended to simplify the product’s core concepts and how to integrate them with 3rd party clients in varying environments.

Let’s start with an easy question - what’s cool about your job?

Being a guest technical writer for blogs helped me cultivate my motivation to research and acquire advanced skills. Bearing in mind that I could learn about a topic, digest and share this knowledge in a casual and simplified manner to readers. I really enjoy working with developers as it keeps increasing my learning curve.

Sometimes I get criticized, but 90% of the feedback I receive is positive. This feedback encourages me to look into further advanced topics in order to keep sharing valuable and helpful work.

How would you describe the dev culture in Africa’s tech industry?

This is in fact my favorite question. The Tech industry in Africa is emerging and there are a lot of opportunities for tech entrepreneurs to take advantage of. The big names (Google, Microsoft, etc) have recognized this and are already making strong moves.

What keeps you engaged at work during an average week?

Java, my dog. As well as engaging with the developer community of course.

What’s your favourite past project?

With deepstream: CRUD app with Vue.

My most recent favourite projects, include two tools I am fairly inexperienced with: deepstream and Vue. Vue was no big deal because I have worked with many similar tools, since component architecture became established. However, deepstream was a little challenging because it was the first non ‘getting started’ demo I had built with this kind of niche product. In the long run, this was great because I was exposed to what I needed to know about records which is one of the core concept of deepstream, and a pretty important one.

From the old days: desktop music player tutorial.

During the early stage of my career, I worked with eCommerce startups and also built solutions for a few other enterprise environments. However, last year, I decided to build a music player with Electron which could run on the desktop and on any OS platform. The UI was achieved with React and the tracks were randomly picked from Soundcloud or searched using an autocomplete.

I decided to share my process and learnings from building it and by writing about it here. Feedback was awesome and subsequently the amazing readers requested an Angular version, so I did that too.

So then, how did you discover deepstream?

While searching for an alternative realtime server, I stumbled upon a discussion in the slack channel about deepstreamHub. I was fascinated by the ideology of an open realtime server and I was surprised to see the three major realtime concepts offered all in one service, it seemed great. I couldn’t care less about how young deepstream was, I just wanted to be part of something awesome with a great future.

Progressive web apps (PWA) are making users experience a story to tell. It’s fascinating that today, a web app can be completely launched from a mobile home screen and that the app can run offline. Currently I am engaging with PWA in preparation for the future. Although, to some of us, it might seem premature and abstract; with time the community will find a way to simplify PWA concepts, so we can all benefit from it.

VR is also a game changer; learning, visualization, enhancement and entertainment are all elements that users appreciate. Although VR is not a concept I am not too familiar with, a bird view research shows that it’s a field I look forward to dabbling in.

Excellent stuff, thanks Christian - one last question before you get back to writing the web and playing with Java: Who would play you in the movie of you life?

Haha, well, Morgan Freeman is always portrayed as simple, diligent and elegant. This is how I would love to be characterized in any scene. He also makes calculated decisions that at most times turn out for the best. This is probably because he is often portrayed as a wise old man who has the experience to make such decisions. If that is the case, I would love to be portrayed in such manner when I am old.